Black Madam is guilty of murder


Padge Victoria Windslowe, better known as the “Black Madam” was found guilty Monday of 3rd-degree homicide in the death of a 20-year-old British woman who died in 2011 after receiving illicit cosmetic surgery in a hotel room.

Windslowe, 43, described herself as a “fairy godmom” to women seeking inexpensive cosmetic surgery that took the form of silicone injections to the breasts and buttocks during so-called pumping party.

But prosecutors say her motives weren’t altruistic.

“She did it for the money, pure and simple,” said assistant district attorney Bridget Kirn.

Attorney David Rudenstein says Windslowe has expressed remorse for the death of British dancer Claudia Aderotimi.

“She’s always expressed remorse,” Rudenstein said. “She’s always felt very bad.”

Because coroners found it difficult to rule that the silicone injections killed Aderotimi, Windslowe remained free — and working — for more than a year. But when a 23-year-old woman turned up in an area hospital after another pumping party in 2012, investigators tracked Windslowe down in Germantown, where she was going to yet another pumping party.

That evidence helped investigators tell doctors exactly what Windslowe was injecting in women.

“She had a bag with her which was critical to this operation,” said Lt. John Walker.

Windslowe, a transgender woman who took on the name “Black Madam” as a recording artist, testified colorfully for three days in her own defense. She claimed she only wanted to help women, saying she used the same industrial-grade silicone she injected into women on herself.

“My motto was ‘I want to help.’ I made money, but I did it for the camaraderie. I loved hanging with the girls. They called me their fairy godmom,” she testified.

Her lawyer, David Rudenstein, said Windslowe was happy she told her own story, but hinted that her testimony may not have been productive.

“Perhaps she had too many answers for everything,” Rudenstein said.

In addition to homicide charges, Windslowe was also found guilty of aggravated assault for injecting the 23-year-old woman with silicone, and for possession of an instrument of a crime. Prosecutors say she faces up to 70 years in prison.

A sentencing date is set for June 11.

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