Black Thought offers inspiring words about the Eagles Super Bowl victory

Black Thought on the Eagles Super Bowl win. | Getty Images
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It shouldn’t surprise you that Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, co-founder of legendary Philadelphia band, The Roots, is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Like the rest of the city, he was elated to see his hometown team earn their first Super Bowl win this past Sunday.

He offered some inspirational words to Metro Philly about what this epic win means to him, the city of Philadelphia and the world at large.

“I love the way the Eagles were able to bring people together this year in a way that transcends race, sex and age,” Black Thought begins. “Super Bowl LII was more than just a football game. There was way more at stake. It was David and Goliath, and for once, even if for but a fleeting moment, it felt like justice, the underdog and true grit had finally prevailed.”

On the day of Philadelphia’s first ever Super Bowl parade, in honor of our mighty Philadelphia Eagles, it’s truly a new day in the city of brotherly love. 

“And now we return to a different reality,” he says. “There’s a new, tangible sense of hope in the city of Philadelphia that serves as proof for many who had begun to question if it were still possible to spin a triumph out of tragedy. Well done, gentlemen! Onward and upward. We did it!”

If you haven’t seen The Roots perform at the NFC Championship game, check out the video below.

See you at the parade!


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