Blo/Out blow dry bar arrives in Philly

There is a note on my account at my usual hair salon. I’m not sure what, exactly, it says, but I’m pretty sure it’s along the lines of “This girl has hair that will fry your straightener and make you reconsider careers.”

I have heard the raw panic in the receptionist’s voice and talked more than one colorist out of a mid-foil meltdown. I have coached the shampoo girl through my too-thick tangles and promised to buy the stylist — and the assistant he had to tag-in — drinks. By the time it gets to the blow-dry, I usually surrender and tell them to leave it curly.

This might be why I’m a little too excited for Blo/Out, the first blow dry bar to hit the Philly area. Snuggled up in an unassuming shopping center Huntington Valley, it’s a simple concept that has fans in New York: No cuts, no color, just blow-outs for $35. Pick a style off the menu (from super-straight to southern belle), get shampooed and get going on your bouncy way — make a couple hacky “blow” jokes in here somewhere if you must.

Thanks to some wonder products and serious round-brush skills, even my hair clocked in around the target mark of 35 minutes. Rather than fight my volume, they went with playful flips and only resorted to the straightening iron for one especially frisky section. Add some Britney Spears and mimosas, and I was hooked (and perpetually 17 apparently, but that’s another problem).

For now, Blo/Out is only in the burbs, but come early summer, they hope to have an Old City location. Stalk (and/or visit) them here.

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