BlobFest eats fans alive for its 15th year

Colonial Theatre patrons flee for their life from the Blob. Credit: Colonial Theatre Colonial Theatre patrons flee for their life from the Blob. Credit: Colonial Theatre

It crawls … it creeps … it eats you alive! “The Blob” is back in Phoenixville this weekend—get ready to run for your life.

BlobFest oozes its way back into the Colonial Theatre to celebrate the campy 1958 sci-fi flick filmed in town. It’s three days of nonstop retro fun centered on the theater where the Blob made a meal out of the projectionist and unfortunate moviegoers.

“Several characters are in the Colonial Theatre and the Blob comes out through the project booth windows,” says BlobFest organizer Chuck Francisco, describing perhaps The Blob’s most famous scene. “All of the patrons go screaming out of the Colonial.”

What other classic sci-fi scene could inspire such devotion? The BlobFest is in its 15th year of drawing devoted fans to celebrate the B-movie with a weekend packed with double features, a costume contest, Q&As with movie experts and, of course, a reenactment of that famous theater scene.

Tickets to actually flee from the Colonial at 9 p.m. on Friday night sold out in just 12 minutes this year, but that certainly shouldn’t discourage Blobbers.

“I’ve talked to people who don’t actually want to do the run out,” Francisco says. “They show up every year to watch other people run out. Last year it rained and there were still probably 2,000 people there to watch the run.”

Just don’t forget to wear your tin foil hat to ward off mind-reading aliens.

“Blob” fans come back on Saturday for a free all-day street fair that’s any movie buff’s dream. Joel Hodgson from “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” the “real” Blob’s caretaker Wes Shank and Kris Yeaworth, son of “The Blob” director Shorty Yeaworth, are just some of the guests fans can meet.

There’s also a costume contest at 1 p.m., live music and vendors selling retro classics, like bowling shirts, plus a fire extinguisher parade at noon in tribute to (spoiler alert!) the weapon that finally defeated the Blob.

“There are hot rods from the ’50s and this year we’re trying a new band, Full Blown Cherry. You’ve got that great ’50s vibe going on all day,” Francisco says.

Also going on all day: plenty of double features at the Colonial. “The Blob” will screen along side “Mothra” (11 a.m. and 3:10 p.m.) and “King Kong vs. Godzilla” (8 p.m.) The double feature is back on Sunday with “The Blob” and “The Giant Spider.” Director Christopher Mihm makes horror movies in the style of 1950s classics; he’ll be at the Colonial for a Q&A after the screening.

Fifteen years in and, just like the Blob itself, BlobFest is growing larger every year.

“Nostalgia is powerful draw,” Francisco says, “but “The Blob” is actually a really good film. It was a B-picture when it came out and it was a low-budget film, but it has this enduring quality about it.”


If You Go

Blobfest starts Friday with the Colonial Theatre run and continues through Sunday. All events are at or near the Colonial Theatre, 227 Bridge Street Phoenixville. Get the full schedule and buy tickets at

Put on Your Cinephile, and Tin Foil, Hat

Costumes are a big thing at BlobFest. Get hip to the 1950s style with just a few tips.

For a simple costume, go no further than your kitchen to fashion a tin foil hat. You’ll be protected from aliens reading your mind, but be forewarned: the tin foil hats in the BlobFest contest get pretty intricate. Bigger is better.

Or stick within the BlobFest’s theme, Clash of the Kaiju. Kaiju is Japanese for monster, so that opens up a whole world Godzillas, Mothras and King Kongs for your costume.

If all else fails, just dress up in your ’50s best. Poodle skirts, bowling shirts or a greaser costume says you’re retro and ready to run from the Blob.

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