Blogger Sued by Georges Perrier Reveals Identity

The anonymous blogger from the Philadelphia restaurateur-slamming site Staph Meal recently named as a “John Doe” in a lawsuit brought against him by Chef Georges Perrier, Le Bec Fin and former employee Shola Olunloyo revealed his identity today.

After being issued a writ of summons to appear in court from the trio’s attorney, Jonathan Cohen, the blogger posted his photo on the site today, along with the caption, “My name is Joshua Scott Albert and Georges Perrier is still a Racist.”

Perrier is suing Staph Meal for alleging that he is a racist in a post that included anonymous comments from alleged ex-employees. Olunloyo is joining the suit because the site claimed that he had a notoriously bad attitude and called him a “big black dick.”

The website, which launched September 5, has also taken aim at Stephen Starr, alleging that he cheated on his wife with an employee and takes a portion of employees’ tips to cover credit card fees, and made fun of Chef Marc Vetri’s speech impediment.

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