Bloody, naked Doylestown man ‘gnawed at’ woman’s head while ‘screaming like an animal’

Police have arrested a Doylestown man after he allegedly took off his clothing, broke into a home and jumped out its window, then gnawed on a woman’s head while covered in blood.

Investigators said Richard Ciminio, Jr. drove his vehicle off the roadway and behind a home in Wayne County sometime between 4:30 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. on Sept. 7. He got out of the car, stripped down to his underwear and left his clothes in a grass field.

He then approached the home of Brian Sullivan, who was awoken by the noise of Ciminio allegedly pushing on the doorknob in an attempt to break in. Sullivan yelled at Ciminio to “get out of there.” Police said the man initially refused, but later fled up a hill, leaving behind a damaged doorknob and patio furniture.

As he continued walking down Hudson Street, Ciminio took off his underwear, according to investigators. He then allegedly broke in through the front door of a second, unoccupied home on the street, went upstairs to its second floor and jumped out the window, severely injuring his arms and legs.

Bleeding profusely, the man then hid in the garage of the home for some time until he saw two women – Ann Monaghan and Nancy Dean-Corino – walking down the street, authorities said. Ciminio then allegedly tackled Dean-Corino, knocking her down and covering her in his blood. According to a police report, “The accused began to gnaw at Dean-Corino’s head while screaming like an animal.” Both women were able to escape and call police from a nearby home.

Officers said that when they arrived on the scene and were about to speak to the women, they “heard a screeching noise, bang and horn of a vehicle just down the roadway.” They immediately responded, knowing the suspect was still in the area. “Upon arrival, we observed the accused lying in the roadway covered in blood with severe injuries and displaying delusional and confrontational behavior,” the incident report reads.

Ciminio allegedly lunged at one of the officers and was tased. Police said he also punched a paramedic in the face, causing minor injuries and getting his blood in the EMT’s eye.

He was eventually taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center. He is charged with aggravated assault, indecent exposure and burglary. An investigator today said police believe Ciminio was under the influence of bath salts, but have not yet determined for sure.

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