Bolaris: In the world of Kardashians and Lohans, trash is king

john bolaris Metro columnist John Bolaris

Have you really noticed what we are all about? I’m talking about the media. We want trash, juicy gossip, bad boys, bad girls, train wrecks, sexual exploits, celebrity break-ups, celebrity melt downs , celebrities pants down, crotch shots, drunken shots, screaming shots and the almighty celebrity sex tape that has launched the career of one particular person into the uber stratosphere—the one, the only Kim Kardashian.

The sex tape that she claims unknowingly was leaked and was awarded a very hot $5 million. Then, a ding dong E! series reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Add another $6 million as she became the highest paid reality star. Her net worth has soared to over $40 million and of course, there’s the Kim Kardashian Halloween costume complete with a fake butt.

Wow, such a good role model for the kids. You too could make a porn tape, make millions and eventually get a fake butt perfectly designed to your derriere.

If Kim had all the talent in the world, made a tape, but was fat and ugly, her name would have never surfaced. This is the lopsided so-called equality in our country. We are brainwashed people. We’ve been programmed to believe this plastic world of Kardashians and Lohans.

And shame on Oprah Winfrey. She has signed on Lindsay Lohan to do an eight-part docu-series on her struggles in rehab. Oprah is calling it an in-depth interview. Lindsay is calling it the easiest way to make $2 million.

Yes people, the one-time respected queen of the talk show network is now falling in line with the Jerry Springers of the world. I guess Oprahs OWN cable network needs a boost in ratings. And after all, trash is king. It sells.

My one final thought to ponder: Hypothetically if President Obama was giving a speech at our National Constitution Center, and at the same time Kim Kardashian was across the street giving away her personally signed new sex tape, which would generate more news around the country and world? I rest my case.

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