Boo who? NBA cracks down on card game

A year ago, a card game called Boo-Ray led to a gun-waving incident between Wizards guards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton. Yesterday, the game was back in NBA headlines.

A fight over a Boo-Ray debt erupted on the Grizzlies’ team flight Monday and ended with Tony Allen reportedly landing a punch on O.J. Mayo. Now, the team has banned gambling on their plane and other teams are soon expected to follow suit.

“It shouldn’t get to that point, but if that stuff is going to keep happening, then so be it,” said Sixers forward Thaddeus Young. “I don’t even know how to play it, but I know it gets real intense.”

Wizards guard Nick Young was on the flight when Arenas and Crittenton were playing Boo-Ray.

“They shouldn’t ban it, because on these long plane rides we need to find something to do, it’s just unfortunate in that situation it was the same game,” Young said. “You got veterans that can control themselves and have been playing for years.”

As for the Sixers, they’ve played their fair share of cards. But it’s a calmer form of Boo-Ray.

“If something goes down, they don’t get too angry about it,” said Thaddeus Young.

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