Boston, Philly, NYC all make ‘top 15 rudest cities’ survey

Vladimer Shioshvili/Flick (Creative Commons License)

If I told you that New York City, Boston and Philadelphia all made a list of “America’s 15 rudest cities”—according to a vote by Travel and Leisure Magazine readers—would you believe me?

Well. . . how about you cram it, buddy?

The magazine used data from its 2016 “America’s Favorite Places” survey to rank cities by “such cosmopolitan features as their world-class museums, chef-driven restaurants, and cocktail lounges,” the magazine said. The survey also asked readers to rate the general “cordiality” of a city’s residents.

It’s findings? Boston comes in at #7, Philly ranks at #5 and New York City comes in third.

First and second place winners go to the counterintuitively sunny Miami and Phoenix, respectively, though with that much sunlight it’s hard to believe they could be crabbier than their Northeastern brothers in rudeness.

Nine of the surliest metro areas also scored highly for passionate sports fans, which might have something to do with the rankings.

You can read the full list here.

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