Boxing promoter Damon Feldman pulls no punches

Credit: Charles Mostoller/METRO Credit: Charles Mostoller/METRO

As the head-charging impresario behind Philly’s much-publicized Celebrity Boxing, Damon Feldman not only promotes minor-case newsmakers like Tan Mom, Michael Lohan and sundry reality television stars, but promotes himself, big time.

If his bouts are about anything, it’s the self-created cult of Feldman, a now-39-year-old pugilist (“Jewish Bomber”) en route to sporting fame before a 1998 injury ended that career. So, on the force of his own will, he crafted me-generation antics by-any-means-necessary. “I would love to step in the ring one more time,” says Feldman, a man who takes real boxing very seriously (his dad Marty is one of the game’s best trainers), and mixes genuine boxing matches with goofy celeb events, often on the same bill.

As much as he loves boxing, D-list celebrity and otherwise, Feldman has to admit, 2014 was rough. He caught flack for promoting a fight that never happened starring Trayvon Martin’s accused murderer George Zimmerman. A bout with Tan Mom fell through when she couldn’t pass the physical (she wound up in a rematch with Philly’s Angela Cottone). Weatherman John Bolaris cancelled a match when he realized it might hurt his career comeback.Currently, Feldman is trying to get feuding rappers Soulja Boy and Gillie da Kid together.

“If they don’t sign on, I’m off to the next one,” says Feldman. “It’s not tough. You just have to deal with the right people.”

With those people few and far-between, Feldman is starting a new career where all he has to rely on his himself, his co-hosts (like Cottone) and his brand manager/partner Anne Gutos: a weekly, half-hour television show called “The Promoter with Damon Feldman” debuting at 10 p.m. Wednesday on WACP (Channel 4),, On-Demand and such.

Certainly, the show is an opportunity for people with goods, services, pizazz and the desire to be famous to shine. In reality, though, it’s Feldman’s ultimate reality television routine. “What I do overall is reality TV,” he says. “I love the spotlight AND I want to help people. I’m sick of the BS, people who talk a good game and don’t get anything done. I want to help people achieve goals.”

Feldman should know how to achieve goals. “I’ve done this from the bottom to almost the top and back to bottom and back to the top again,” he says with a laugh.

Say what you will about Feldman, but with him, what you see is what you get, an entertainment biz rarity. And, if nothing else, Feldman knows what he’s doing. He’s dealt with all manner of media, local and global, including holding his own on “The Howard Stern Show.”

“’I’m a regular on (sports radio host) Angelo Cataldi’s program. There’s a guy who I’ve learned a lot from over the 220 times I’ve been on his show.”

“The Promoter” has three segments: Lifestyle, promoting people and products that enhance lives; Sports/Entertainment, promoting people who live and breathe to succeed; and Rising Star, promoting fresh talent looking to take off.

Feldman is particularly proud of his first episodes and their mix of doctors, authors, realtors (Danny Salik), karate champs (Bobby Harris), notable actors (John Canada Terrell), and also reality stars new (VH1’s Mikey P from “Dating Naked”) and old (“Survivor”’s Gervase Peterson).

“I’m hoping I make a difference in peoples lives – and mine – in creating a platform for talents and businesses trying to promote themselves to people that may never get a chance to hear them or what they are,” he says. “I am the answer. Plus, I’m hoping to spin this off into another reality show.”


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