Breaking: 8th fatality in Amtrak derailment, all passengers accounted for

An eighth victim has been confirmed dead in the Amtrak 188.

The latest victim was recovered by a cadaver dog on Thursday morning, officials said at a press conference onThursday afternoon.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said all 243 passengers believed to be on the train have been accounted for.

““I just received final confirmation … (we have) accounted for all 243 individuals we believe were on Amtrak Train Number 188 from Tuesday night,” Nutter said.

The latest victim was riding in the first car, and has not been identified.

She was found by a cadaver dog.

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Forty-three individuals are still hospitalized for injuries sustained during the crash.

Eight of those are at Temple University Hospital in critical, a doctor there said.

During the briefing, Nutter said it was a “miracle”more people weren’t killed in the crash.

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He declined to answer questions about whether the enginer Brandon Bostian might face criminal charges for the crash.

“That is a huge if, that is way down the line,” Nutter said.

The train was traveling at 106 mph in a 50 mph speed-limit zone when it derailed on a curve in Port Richmond around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday while bound for New York City from Washington D.C.

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