Bring on the bubbles, Evil Genius is now offering hard seltzers

Evil Genius
Head to the Fishtown hotpsot to try their new seltzers PHOTO: Provided

Fishtown hotspot Evil Genius is typically known for its colorful variety of tasty beers with eclectic names and unique flavors. But this week, the brewery has made a major announcement that will quench Philadelphians’ thirst in a new and bubbly way.

Bring on the bubbles, Evil Genius is now offering hard seltzers

That’s right Philly, Evil Genius is now offering up a brand new collection of small-batch, locally made, all-natural hard seltzers in three retro flavors: grapefruit, lemon-lime and black cherry.

The hard seltzer craze has taken the country by storm in the past year, and although the summer months are gone, Evil Genius seized the opportunity to expand their market and have thirsty patrons enjoy the cool and refreshing flavors all year long. Just like the popular branded hard seltzers out on the market, Evil Genius’ hard seltzers are gluten-free and low in calories but still wildy tasty.

“We really loved the idea of creating something new and different from beer. Our taproom in Philadelphia, while the vast majority of what we sell is beer, has seen a huge rise in the demand for hard seltzer. We love to create new things, and experiment, and saw this as an opportunity to do just that with something we could see our customers wanted,” said Evil Genius partner Trevor Hayward in a release. “You don’t always want to drink beer – and we get that. We also wanted to make something that wasn’t overly sugary, kept calories in check for people who were counting and not compromise on flavor. We wanted a beverage that you can sip on all day without guilt or that sugar headache that some alternatives bring. It’s also naturally gluten-free, so friendly to those who need or want to avoid gluten.”

Evil Genius

Evil Genius loves to package their products in an interesting way, and their seltzer is no different. Philadelphians can sip on any of the three flavored seltzers while feeling nostalgic with their ‘90s-essenced cans and labels.

“When someone picks up our beer, and now our seltzer, we want them to have an experience. It’s not just about what’s inside that can or bottle, it’s about how it makes them feel, what it reminds them of, and how they think about it after they’re finished. Everyone’s experience will be different, but we hope they’re reminded of a great childhood memory, enjoy the crisp and delicious taste and flavors, and come away feeling refreshed,” added Evil Genius partner Luke Bowen in a release.

The delightful variety of hard seltzers are on sale now at Evil Genius for $19.99 a pack (multi-packs are available). By Nov. 4th however, the packs will also be available in local liquor stores and beer distributors in six states: PA, NJ, DE, CT, MD and RI. They will also be in MA by the end of November. Evil Genius will team up for the seltzer production with their contract brewing partner, Wyndridge Farm Brewing, based in York County, Pennsylvania.

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