Brotherly love: Holiday boys hope to play together in NBA

Like most brothers, Jrue and Justin Holiday played one-on-one growing up. Only their games didn’t last very long.

One brother would start hacking, a fight would ensue and the ball would go rolling down the street outside their California home. Usually it was Jrue, the younger of the two, who would call it quits.

Fast-forward 15 years and the story is the same, except Justin is a key wingman for the Pac-10 champion Washington Huskies. Jrue, of course, is the point guard for the Sixers.

“I don’t think we have ever finished a one-on-one game yet,” said Justin.

The competitive bond between the brothers started in those street games and continued through high school, where they won two state championships together. Jrue added another title after Justin graduated.

“It was kind of easy, like a bond you can’t really break,” said Jrue. “I pretty much always knew where he was going to be on the court. If I was going to pass it to somebody, it was probably going to be him.”

Once Washington’s NCAA tournament run is over, Justin will turn his attention toward the NBA draft. He’s not nearly as good with the ball as Jrue, but is still projected as a second-round pick.

“Besides [Andre Iguodala] I think he’s the best defensive player I’ve ever seen or played against,” said Jrue. “I think he has a great chance. Hopefully, he makes it to the league. Hopefully he comes here to the Sixers.”

Perhaps that one-on-one score can finally be settled.

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