Bruce Springsteen’s newest book is providing inspiration to the Dallas Cowboys

Bruce Springsteen's newest book is providing inspiration to the Dallas Cowboys. | Getty Images
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The coach for the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett, is an Abington native and according to Sports Illustrated (SI), he’s been using Bruce Springsteen’s newest book, “Born to Run,” as inspiration for his team.

“Have you read the Springsteen book,” he asks SI. “ “He’s 20 years old, everybody at the Jersey Shore loves him, but he’s unknown nationally, and a good friend and adviser tells him ‘If you really want to be great, you’ve got to get off the Jersey Shore.’ And so they pile everything in a couple vehicles and head west to this sort of open mic night in San Francisco.”

While Springsteen is technically not from Philadelphia, he undoubtedly is an honorary Philadelphian, being from just over the bridge in New Jersey. It took a lot of guts to leave his comfort zone and go west where he and his band at the time played an open mic competition and lost.

In the memoir, Springsteen realized at the time that he was “good, very good, but maybe not quite as good or exceptional” as the band that won. He decided to push himself harder and be better.

In a conversation with SI, Garrett applies this story to the Dallas Cowboys current situation, having finished a 13-3 regular season and losing the playoff 31-34 to the Green Bay Packers.

Just like Springsteen, Garrett wants his team to work harder and be better.

Curious about more wisdom within the pages of “Born to Run?” You can buy the book here.


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