Brunch goes to the dogs

Although they’re not usually invited, dogs are some of the best brunch companions around. They’re never late, they share the paper, they don’t judge how much champagne is in the orange juice — how many friends can you say that about?

At Square 1682, these ideal guests aren’t just welcomed, they’re now catered to: Chef Guillermo Tellez has created a pup-friendly menu for his new “BYO Dog Saturdays.”

A dog-lover in addition to a frittata master, Tellez has been known to tote Milee, his Yorkie/Maltese mix, to meals. “We bring Milee everywhere, and we bring her treats just in case they do not have anything on the menu that she likes,” he tells us.

Milee’s namesake dish, “Milee’s Mexican Treats,” is a mix of chorizo, wheat germ and egg. Other items include Duke’s Sunday Supper (a hearty beef stew) and Perry’s Vegetable Terrine. As for dessert, everyone leaves with treats from Doggie Style.

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