Can Joel Embiid bring back the NBA Live franchise?

Joel Embiid Sixers

A few weeks ago, fans of the video game franchise NBA 2K were excited about the new trailer unveiling the cover athlete for NBA 2K19’s 20th Anniversary Edition.

As to no one’s surprise, LeBron James was chosen to grace the cover of the video game set to release on Sept. 11.

This will be James’ second time as the cover athlete for NBA 2K. However, the other basketball video game franchise NBA Live made their grand announcement on Monday for who will be their cover athlete.

EA Sports named Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid as the cover athlete for NBA LIVE 19.

Even though there will be the detractors, who will say that they will still not buy the second tier video game, despite Embiid being on the cover.

The All-star big man can possibly help bring the once heralded franchise back to the forefront of sports video games.

It’s been a long time since a Philadelphia 76ers player last graced a video game cover. You would have to go back to Allen Iverson, who was the face of NBA 2K from the years 2000-04.

During those years, NBA 2K was not the top-selling basketball game. It was NBA Live, who had all the top players plastered on the cover from Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Carmelo Anthony just to name a few.

Eventually, NBA 2K dethroned NBA Live due to gameplay and graphics, making the EA Sports basketball franchise look like a joke.

NBA Live, however, did get its act together and over the last three years have made Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and now Embiid all cover athletes.

All three players are the top players at their respective positions and two of them are MVPs.

Could Embiid be the next MVP to be on the cover? Maybe. He is the perfect player to market the game, which is continuing to take risks with adding in WNBA gameplay and other features.

Embiid has the personality, social media clout, and basketball skills to back up him deserving to be on the cover. Also NBA Live did a great job of pouncing on the opportunity first and not allowing NBA 2K take him.

If all goes well with sales, he could be the guy to bring back the NBA Live franchise for good. NBA Live 19 ‘The One Edition’ is set to be released on Sept. 7.

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