Can Pennsylvania keep growing?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, for the first time in 31 years, Pennsylvania’s population declined in 2016 – dropping by more than 7,600 residents. In fact, Pennsylvania is one of only eight states to lose population over that 12-month period. In addition, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate lags the national unemployment rate by the widest gap in more than three decades.

To address this malaise, Pennsylvania’s private and nonprofit sectors must take the lead in creating an economic agenda for growth – the Grow PA initiative will endeavor to do just that.

Grow PA seeks to convene people and organizations in key sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy to establish a modern economic growth agenda for the 21st century. Possible focal points include: modernizing all facets of our infrastructure, leveraging our energy assets, transforming postsecondary education and accelerating the development of innovation in healthcare technology and delivery. The goal is to develop a roadmap for economic growth for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania that will influence the candidates’ platforms for the 2018 governor’s race and beyond. 

Our vision is as follows: The Keystone State, located in the heart of America’s largest market, is poised to become the economic engine driving growth in the northeastern United States. Pennsylvania’s inherent strengths in healthcare, energy, postsecondary education with world-class research institutions and a modern infrastructure are driving business development and expansion.

To start the conversation, we created an online newsletter – a weekly look at lessons on how Pennsylvanians across the state are developing economic growth. This is both a pilot reporting series and a partnership that began with a conversation between the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and

Our initial test market for these stories include (but are not limited to) the following locations:

·      Southeastern PA’s Montgomery and Chester counties

·      Greater Pittsburgh counties of Allegheny, Washington, Armstrong

·      Central PA’s Cumberland, Dauphin and Centre counties

·      The Laurel Highlands of Indiana and Cambria counties 

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