Carlesha Freeland-Gaither found alive, suspect in custody


Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, the 22-year-old Germantown woman who was abducted blocks from her home on Sunday night, has been found safe in Maryland, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said during a press conference Wednesday night.

Ramsey was joined by Ed Hanko, special agent for the Philadelphia divison of the FBI, Freeland-Gaither’s family and other officials for the announcement.

“I just want to thank everybody,” said Freeland-Gaither’s mother Keisha Gaither. “Thank you so much for having us in our prayers. I’m taking my baby home.”

The suspect in custody is 37-year-old Delven Barnes. He’s presently being held on a warrant based out of Virginia for attempted capital murder, officials said. He will be charged with federal crimes for the abduction in Philadelphia.

A Baltimore task force made up of US Marshals, ATV officers and the FBI, found a car earlier today that matched the car used during Sunday’s abduction identified through surveillance video. After surveilling the vehicle, Hanko said, Barnes exited the vehicle where he was then apprehended. Freeland-Gaither was in the car and rescued.

“She’s in good shape,” Hanko said, adding that she has some minor injuries. “She was taken to the hospital. She is talking to police.”

Ramsey said Freeland-Gaither’s mother will be reunited with her daughter soon however the two have spoken on the phone.

“She was very upset, she was crying. She was asking for me,” Gaither said. “I’m gonna get my baby.”

Ramsey said the investigation is still very open but it does not appear that Freeland-Gaither knew her abductor.

“He’s a thug,” Ramsey said. “This is what he does. There’s nothing that makes sense. He’s a vicious predator and hopefully he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life.”


7 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 5

According to Philadelphia police, the 22-year-old Germantown woman who on Sunday night was abducted has been found alive. Her abductor is reportedly in custody.

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has been found alive in Jessup, Maryland, officials said, and she’s in good condition.

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