Carson Wentz gets spiritual in new book

Carson Wentz gets spiritual in new book by Joshua Cooley. | Getty Images
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If you follow Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles on social media, he is very open about his spirituality. Even his Twitter profile proudly displays that he plays for an “audience of one,” meaning he plays for God.

In a new book by author and sports writer Joshua Cooley called “The Biggest Win,” Carson Wentz goes into detail about his journey in faith, along with several other Philadelphia Eagles players including Zach Ertz, Nick Foles, Trey Burton, Jordan Hicks and Chris Maragos.

Scheduled for a release date of July 30 by New Growth Press, the book examines key points in Wentz’s career so far, and how he remained committed to his relationship with God.

On reflecting back on being a North Dakota college kid who was suddenly the #1 draft pick in the NFL, Wentz says in the book:

“One thing I try and always avoid is to not let it be something bigger than it needs to be. Going through the draft process, I don’t know how many times I told people, ‘Hey, it’s just football. It’s still just a game.’”

On meeting his new teammates in Philadelphia, he felt very welcome and certainly felt the brotherly love.

“They were very open, very loving and very caring,” Wentz says in the book. “When we got to know each other, it was challenging in a good way. Like Proverbs [27:17] says: Iron sharpens iron.”

Wentz also discussed with Cooley about how NFL players are worshipped and how his spirituality has helped keep him grounded.

“If we’re all just real and honest, when someone praises us, we like it,” Wentz says in the book. “I’m not going to over-spiritualize it and say I hate it. We do like it. But in those moments, can you flip the switch and make sure all the glory goes to God? Even Jesus, when he was doing miracles—and this is Jesus who is equal and one with the Father—was saying, ‘I praise you God. This is all because of you.’ … If Jesus would even do that, how much more should we make sure that, when we get the praise or the glory, we’re turning it over to the Father?”

Although the “The Biggest Win” comes out on July 30, it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

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