Carson Wentz says Eagles’ wide receiver retreat will be ‘an annual thing’

Being a professional football player can be like having any other job — showing up on time, working hard and taking home a paycheck to support your family — or it can be something else entirely.

The competition, the nature of the camaraderie that comes with spending so much time with your teammates, the allure of playing a game for a living are all attributes of Carson Wentz’s career path that he cherishes. And for Wentz, the object isn’t to simply to have a career — it’s also to win.

This past offseason, Wentz had the entire Eagles offensive line over to his house in South Jersey where he allowed them to shoot their Beretta shotguns (worth an estimated $24,000) purchased for them last Christmas. What better way to bond, right?

“We went down the roach and shot some shotguns,” Wentz said. “Some of the guys loved shooting guns and did it a lot, and for some of the guys it was very new. And then I grilled some steaks and we had spent some good time together.”


Had a blast with the o-line shooting some guns and eating some steak and potatoes ?? #flyeaglesfly

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For Wentz and his teammates, there is never enough time. Picking up nuances about teammates is what can seperate good offenses from great ones, and Wentz wants to be great. 

Last summer, between the end of minicamp and the start of training camp, former Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford had all the wide receivers together to work out and build chemistry on and off the field. 

Wentz continued the tradition, having several players come together in his native North Dakota to work out during the winter — and he plans to widen the scope of the “skills position” retreat and keep it going every single year.

“I think that’s going to be an annual thing every summer,” Wentz said. “I’m not sure where we are going to go yet but I think thats a big part of the quarterback-wide receiver relationship, even the tight ends and running backs, we can get together to build that chemistry not just on the field but to also spend time together and bond as well.”

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