Carson Wentz says golf outing with wide receivers ‘was a disaster’

Credit Instagram/CarsonWentz

It’s no secret that athletes are a competitive bunch.

So it comes as little surprise that to blow off some steam, Carson Wentz invited the pack of talented Eagles wide receivers staying in Fargo, North Dakota with him to work out, toss the ball around and build chemistry earlier this month to play a little golf that the level of competition was fierce.

As was the learning curve with a golf club.

“It went great,” Wentz recalled to the media Tuesday after practice with rookies and selected veterans at training camp. “We got a good number of guys out there, had a lot of fun, got some really good work out there on the field and in a new facility they had. We had some fun, went out on the lake, played some golf it was a disaster. It took eight of us four and a half hours to play a best ball scramble, but it was good to have that bonding time off the field.”

Some of the adventures of Wentz and company were documented on social media, with one particular highlight coming via Torrey Smith’s Instagram:


@sheltongibson_ is the funniest dude alive ?????

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“Some of you may have seen Shelton on the paddle board, he couldn’t stand up at the lake, a couple guys have never been on a jetski,” Wentz said.

In the Smith video of rookie wide receiver Gibson, the Eagles speedy veteran can be heard laughably noting that “Carson is back there with two dogs and you can’t even stand up by yourself!”

If only someone had taken video on the golf course, an adventure that Wentz noted was an atrocious exercize.

“The golf course, I have never seen so many swings and misses,” Wentz remarked with a smirk.

Could anyone make good contact on the links?

“I wouldn’t say anyone was the best who wasnt the worst? Maybe Mack [Hollins],” Wentz said.

“They were a bunch of fish out of water.”

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