Cat fallen from Fairmount high-rise had vertigo, docs say


A cat who fell from a 12th-story window in Fairmount had “high-rise syndrome,” the PSPCA said.

The cat, Lilac, suffered broken legs and a mouth fracture but recovered after surgery at the UPenn veterinary hospital.

PSPCA officers found the cat last monthafterreceiving a call that a cat had been thrown out of a window.

While investigating the incident, they were approached by an “upset woman” who said she was out of the home while Lilac had access to the balcony. Officers concluded the cat fell out of the window by accident. The owner surrendered the cat to the PSPCA.

According to the PSPCA, Lilac was likely a victim of “high-rise syndrome.”

Cats are susceptible to the syndrome, which can involve accidentally chasing bugs or bats out windows, the PSPCA said, and pet owners are urged to never leave pets alone near open windows.

Pet-owners are also urged to:

-Secure windows with animal-proof screens

-Never leave animals on balconies unattended

-Open top panes of windows that are inaccessible to pets rather than bottom ones

According to the PSPCA, falls from just two to four stories can be even more dangerous for cats — as they may not have enough time while falling to position their body to brace for the fall.

Lilac has since beenadopted by a Upenn veterinary student, the PSPCA said.

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