Caught on camera: Videos that went viral in 2012

With the growing popularity of smartphones and social media, an increasing number of moments, both weird and newsworthy, were caught on camera in 2012 and quickly went viral. Here are some of this year’s highlights:

Naked romp outside Upper Darby High School, March 16.

A student filmed 44-year-old Sarah Butler and her three children laying down outside the school and singing religious songs, then stripping naked and running around the parking lot. Butler’s attorney said her actions were caused by a psychotic episode brought on by a mixture of Lupus medications. She pleaded guilty in October to indecent exposure and related charges.

Man throws scalding coffee on doughnut shop employee, May 8.

Police released shocking surveillance footage of a man throwing a hot cup of coffee on 27-year-old Fresh Donuts cashier Sulia Luy during an argument over payment for a $2.40 food order. David Timbers, 52, eventually pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and will be sentenced Jan. 24.

Babysitter’s friend accidentally locks child in washing machine, May 11.

This surveillance footage from a Camden, N.J., laundromat shows a man playing peek-a-boo with a 1-year-old boy inside a washer. The ill-conceived game went awry when the machine powered on spin cycle, tossing the child in circles until a quick-thinking employee unplugged it.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade punch heard ’round the world, Sept. 30.

A parade goer shot this clip of onetime Daily News Sexy Single and Philadelphia Police Lt. Jonathan Josey punching reveler Aida Guzman for allegedly spraying officers with silly string. Disorderly conduct charges against Guzman were subsequently dismissed, and assault charges filed against Josey, who was dismissed from the force. He plans to fight the claims.

Society Hill Sheraton wedding brawl, Oct. 7.

A guest celebrating his 15th birthday shot a video of a booze-fueled brawl that police said broke out between members of two wedding parties in the lobby’s bar area. One bride’s uncle, 57-year-old Vincent Sannuti, suffered a fatal heart attack immediately after the fight, which grew to involve between 75 and 100 people. Two New Jersey men are currently fighting assault and related charges in court.

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