Celebrate National Martini Day with your dad


It is weirdly fortunate that National Martini Day – Sunday June 19 – falls on Father’s Day. It is a swinging 60s classic, just like your dad. It should be, in the estimation of James Bond, shaken and never stirred. And a good martini is chilled and elegant, just like your father is. So, buy your pop a martini and bring your mom too. Here are a handful of local spots that do a straight martini perfectly as well as offer twists on the classic cocktail.

The Morimoto Martini at Morimoto

Prepared by bartender Bill Johnson with Morimoto Junmai sake, Grey Goose vodka and Japanese cucumber.

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<p><b>For a straight martini, do you prefer vodka or gin, and if so, domestic, local or British?</b></p>
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<p>Gin, Hendricks or Philadelphia’s own Blue Coat</p>
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<p><b>What do your customers-clientele prefer?</b></p>
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<p>Most guests like something new or different, but a good drink will always be about fresh ingredients and a classic approach over infusions and indulgent flavor combinations.</p>
<p><b>What is your stance on vermouth and its use?</b></p>
<p>If a drink calls for vermouth, I’m all about it.</p>
<p><b>How and why did you come up with yours, considering the minimalist elegance of the usual cold, crisp martini? Sake is not just an added ingredient?</b></p>
<p>Sake, particularly the cloudy sake we use, adds body and a slight nutty flavor to the cocktail, giving it added complexity.</p>
<p><b>The Logan Martini at The Commons/Library at <a href=Logan Hotel

Prepared by John Williams with Bombay Sapphire gin, dolin blanc, Cocchi Aamericano, Dolin dry vermouth, a dash of orange bitters

Why is the martini the great modern cocktail?

It’s easily recognizable and rather versatile; up in a cocktail glass; on the rocks in a lowball/old fashioned/rocks glass. Plus, it has, a great deal of flavor profiles will indulge varying flavor preferences.

Do you prefer vodka or gin… and if so, domestic, local or British?

Gin – British.

What does your customers/clientele prefer?


What is your stance on vermouth and its use?

Love it. Vermouth adds depth and complexity to cocktails. As an aperitif and a fortified wine, it can add botanicals, bitterness, spice, spice and a slew of other delicious flavors. Sweet, dry and an often forgotten cousin of vermouth, quinquinas & Americanos, should be in all bartenders repertoire.

How and why did you come up with your martini?

The 10 precious botanicals used in Bombay Sapphire Gin along with Juniper berries bring a dry, fragrant, herbal aroma that help create a distinctive flavor when married with the three specific vermouths used. To ensure the cocktail is not too sweet: a dash of orange bitters.

Val’s Garden Martini at Sofitel Philadelphia’s Liberte Lounge

Prepared by Pierre Jotterand with Uncle Val’s gin, St. Germain, cucumber, mint, lime

Why is the martini the great modern cocktail?

It is a fashionable sexy cocktail that can be very versatile based on the season, the latter aspect is key as we use fresh ingredients from our roof top garden and roof top beehives for our drinks.

Do you prefer vodka or gin… and if so, domestic, local or British?

When looking at vodka I prefer an organic or a gluten free option, and always try to support the local option, Tito vodka and for the gin Bluecoat are my favorite

What is your stance on vermouth and its use?

Vermouth is a must for all dry martinis but must be used in a subtle way.

How did you come up with Val’s Garden?

Most of our customers are looking for more refreshing and easy drinking flavors than dry or dirty martinis – meaning adding olive juice which makes it savory. They want sweetness and cheering flavors. We promote sustainability and freshness using our roof top garden herbs and honey. It really makes the experience memorable.

The El Coqui at Bar Bombon

Prepared by Juliana Spears with Bacardi 8 rum, Licor 43, Stumptown espresso, gomme syrup

Do you prefer vodka or gin… and if so, domestic, local or British?

Gin. It has the essential juniper berry flavor which opens up the doors to build other flavors around it. Particularly Bluecoat made here in Philly.

What is your take on using vermouth in a martini?

Vermouth, if it is the right kind, can has a robust herby and earth-like flavor with a hint of wine.

How and why did you come up with El Coqui?

It’s an after-dinner treat — like dessert in a glass — and it gives you a pop of energy after sitting through a meal.

Whistler’s Mother at ArtBar at Sonesta Philadelphia

Prepared by Jennifer Noble with Bluecoat Gin, fresh squeezed lime, cucumber, mint, simple syrup

Why is the martini the great modern cocktail?

As simple as it is, it can still be very diverse due to the numerous spirits out there. You can have the same foundation every time, but with a new experience depending on which vodka or gin you choose.

What does your clientele prefer?

Most of our customers prefer vodka over gin.

What is your stance on vermouth and its use?

Vermouth is a quintessential ingredient. I’ve always used it when making martini’s unless of course my guests prefer otherwise.

How and why did you come up with Whistler’s Mother?

Trial and error. We wanted a martini that would pair perfectly with the season. It had to be easy drinking, and refreshing as well. Mint and cucumber are great together, and the gin base only enhances that flavor profile.​

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