Celebrate Singles Awareness Day in Philly

How will you celebrate Singles Awareness Day? | Pexels

All of the lovebirds had their fun on Valentine’s Day, with the hand holding, pet names and professionally-shot marriage proposals, but on Thursday, Feb. 15, singles around the world celebrate the solo life with Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.). No need to be “sad” about your single status, here are seven ways to celebrate Singles Awareness Day in Philadelphia this year.

1. Eat some chocolate.
You don’t need to hope that the person you’re seeing buys you the kind you like — you know what you want. Philly has so many great places to indulge in quality chocolate, from Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates in Midtown Village (108 S. 13th St.) to Shane Confectionery in Old City (110 Market St.). Savor a few as you savor your single days.

2. Go to Longwood Gardens.
Sad because no one bought you flowers? Well, a trip to Longwood Gardens is a much better option in our book. Would you rather look at a bouquet of grocery store flowers collecting dust at your desk or take a memorable trip to Longwood Gardens with your single friends and see millions of the world’s most stunning flowers? Yeah, we choose the latter, too.

3. Have some wine.
You know what’s great about wine? It tastes amazing whether you have a significant other or not. You know what pairs really well with it, though? Silence. Craving a moment to sip your favorite red without the sound of your partner complaining about work drama or bringing up politics? Well, if you’re not single, sucks to be you. But if you’re single, head over to Pinot Boutique (227 Market St.), choose any wine of your liking and sip away to the sound of singlehood.

4. Go to yoga.
No matter what kind of day you’re having, yoga always makes it better and given that it’s a solo pursuit, it’s totally normal to go to class alone. Destress and get centered at studios like Hot Yoga Philadelphia (1520 Sansom St.), Yoga Garden (903 South St.) and Yoga and Movement Sanctuary (2623 W. Girard Ave.). The best part? You didn’t have to waste all that energy trying to get your partner to try it for the umpteenth time.

5. Have dinner with your single friends.
Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing dinner the week of Valentine’s Day. Get a bunch of your single friends together and turn up the heat at restaurants like Barcelona Wine Bar (1709 E. Passyunk), El Vez (121 S. 13th St.) and Bar Bombon (133 S. 18th St.). Because you’re all responsible adults, everyone pays their fair share of the bill. (We’ve all dated a broke bae before.)

6. Buy yourself something you want.
If you’ve been sticking to your budget (and saving money you would have spent on aforementioned “broke bae”), you’ve only been buying things you absolutely need. But on Singles Awareness Day, it’s time to treat yourself to something you want. Take a stroll to the adorable shops on 13th Street in Philadelphia like Lou Lou Boutiques (143 S. 13th St.) or Bella Turka Jewelry and Accessories (113 S. 13th St.) and buy something that will make you feel good. The best part? No need to make a return or regift an item because unlike former flames, you actually know what you want.

7. Get pampered.
We all need a spa day now and then, and on the day after Valentine’s Day, you’ll forget all about not having a valentine during a hot stone massage or hydrafacial. If you have a whole day to spend relaxing, book a bunch of services at the Spa at the Logan (1 Logan Sq.) for a mini getaway, and have a glass of champagne while you’re at it. Don’t have too much time? Get yourself a quick hydrafacial at 3000BC’s newest location in Center City (834 Chestnut St.) and rock your youthful glow. 

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