Center City One resident displaced by flood files class action suit

A resident of a Center City high rise where a water pipe explosion displaced an estimated 250 people last Tuesday night has filed suit against the building’s management company, according to a release from law firm Caroselli Beachler McTiernan and Conboy.

Thomas More Marrone, an attorney representing resident and owner of 12th Street Gym William R. Piper, filed the suit against Camco Management Company on Thursday seeking unspecified compensation.

Marrone also asked a judge to classify the suit as a class action so he can seek damages for building residents in similar situations who were forced to seek temporary shelter on their own dime when the pipe burst and are now dealing with damages to their personal property and living spaces as a result of the flood.

“This is negligence, plain and simple,” Marrone said in the release. “The residents
of this building have a reasonable expectation that their property is
safe from exploding water pipes and the building manager has an
obligation to keep its residents safe from harm. In this case, the
building manager failed to uphold its obligations and they need to be
held accountable. The residents should be compensated for their
substantial losses.”

The complaint alleges that Camco failed to inspect the pipes as frequently as required and did not have on-site staff members that were properly trained to respond to the emergency.

Many have still not returned to their homes at the 182-unit Center City
One building, located at 1326 Spruce Street, and those who have are
finding “massive damages,” according to the

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