Center City pickpockets are faking injuries to steal wallets

Police are warning Center City residents and visitors to be aware of two pickpockets who are known to feign injury in order to relieve would-be good Samaritans of their personal property.

Detectives are looking for the two of the three suspects pictured in connection with numerous thefts over the past two months. One of the suspects is in custody, charged with numerous counts of theft, fraud and related offenses.

The team has been known to target hospitals, hotels, office buildings, coffee shops and cultural and entertainment venues. In one scam, a suspect pretends his arm or jacket is caught in an elevator door and, as a person attempts to assist, a second suspect allegedly reaches into the helper’s bag to steal its contents.

Police said the female suspect has feigned illness, also allegedly to distract a target so another suspect can steal their wallet or credit cards. The stolen cards have been used in various stores in the Center City area.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call 911.

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