Charges in coffee shop rape

A 32-year-old man suspected of raping a Bainbridge Street coffee shop barista last week was arrested by Chester police yesterday. The Philadelphia Police special-victims unit confirmed that Christopher Reeves was in custody as a fugitive wanted in another jurisdiction. Authorities said he’s expected to be charged with the Philadelphia rape sometime today. A tip call to 911 led to the arrest, police said.

Around 6 a.m. on March 31, Reeves allegedly went into the Bean Exchange Coffee House asking the victim for money for bus fare. She gave him a dollar and he left. He came back into the store asking for more money and when the victim tried to go into the bathroom to protect herself, he followed and raped her, said James Burke, supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshal Service.

After posting a $6,500 reward last week, investigators fielded many tips about Reeves, who was thought to be “roaming the streets.” They were unable to catch up with him at homeless shelters that turned him away.

Police identified Reeves as a junkie with an extensive criminal history. Court records indicate he was most recently arrested on Dec. 29, 2010 on theft and receiving stolen property charges to which he pleaded guilty. Reeves also pleaded guilty to a burglary charge in 1999. He was found guilty of simple assault in 2003 and prostitution in 2005.

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