Check out these blokes, Chelsea must be booed

Chelsea FC will bring its top stars to the U.S. for the showdown with the MLS All-Stars, meaning some of the true bad boys of soccer will be in town. Think of them as the Detroit Lions of European soccer with a slightly better record. Here’s a rundown of some of the worst offenders:

John Terry and Ashley Cole

Terry, the captain, was accused of a calling an opposing black defender a “f–ing black c–t,” but justified it by saying Anton Ferdinand had spouted the words to him. Cole is known for shooting an intern with an air rifle that he supposedly didn’t know was loaded. Right, and Kevin Kolb is a Hall of Famer.

Grenades and sex tapes

We like fun pranks as much as the next guy, but we’re pretty sure that setting off a smoke grenade and causing a full-scale evacuation at a training complex borders on insane. There was also the raunchy Frank Lampard sex tape that makes Ray J (remember Kim Kardashian’s ex-flame?) look like a choir boy.

Chelsea fans

The team’s fans are also known for being pretty racy, or should we say racist? The Chelsea faithful have been known for shouting racist remarks at opposing players. They better not try that in Chester or there could be a Rodney King-like riot.

Roman Abramovich

The English Premier League team’s owner happens to be a Russian billionaire who some say is more powerful than the gangsters — and maybe some James Bond villains. But, hey, as long as he signs the checks, right?

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