Chef Eli Kulp announces new menu for

Credit: David Fields Credit: David Fields

Chef Eli Kulp just announced the new menu for in Rittenhouse, which he’s taking over along with High Street Hospitality Group partner Ellen Yin. Yin and Kulp already have two well-reviewed restaurants,Fork (306 Market St.) and the next-doorHigh Street on Market (308 Market St.).

The menu, debuting later this month, will include five categories and make heavy use of the restaurant’s new charcoal-fired grill. Categories include Tastes to Start, Mostly Raw, Small Plates, Charcoal Grilled and Sides — all fairly self-explanatory names. Prices range from $7 to $25, designed for a Rittenhouse crowd to order a few for the table.

Kulp is a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Restaurant award. He was named Best Chef, 2013 by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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