Chip Kelly: Jeremy Maclin simply playing “as expected”

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Is Jeremy Maclin really this good? Or is it the offense?

Last season, Chip Kelly’s first in the NFL, DeSean Jackson had a career year at wide receiver (with Maclin sidelined with a torn ACL).

Now with Jackson out of town, Maclin has picked up right where his former teammate left off.

Which begs the question, how good is the Week 9 NFL Offensive Player of the Week?

“That’s the Jeremy Maclin I saw before the injury, “Kelly said, “and the big thing for me is that’s the Jeremy Maclin I saw here every day rehabbing. I knew he was going to be successful. I saw how he attacked his rehabilitation in terms of getting ready and getting back and ready to play with his knee.”

Maclin couldn’t have planned it any better. Instead of locking himself down for an average salary, long term with the Eagles, he decided to sign a (risky) one-year deal, to prove his worth after missing a season due to injury.

“That’s why it was very, very important for us to sign him in this offseason and make sure that he stayed here and was a part of it,” Kelly said. “I think it’s just a credit to him in terms of his determination.”

Maclin, fresh off catching a combined 18 passes for 335 yards and four touchdowns in his last two games, is ranked No. 5 in receiving yards (790) in the NFL. He is also third in touchdowns with eight.

But like a true champion and teammate, Maclin isn’t interested in personal accolades.

The Missouri-alum is eager to get back on the field with Mark Sanchez, whom he believes can carry the team to the promised land (just as he felt about Nick Foles prior to his shoulder injury Sunday).

“He just reassured everything when he got here,” Maclin said of the veteran quarterback. “I think we have the guys to help him be successful and he can help us be successful.”

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