Chip Kelly puting stamp on Eagles at Senior Bowl

If it hadn’t already sunk in, it should now.

The sight of Chip Kelly roaming around the practice fields before the Senior Bowl in Alabama is a clear sign of a new sheriff in town. While the new Eagles coach has yet to finalize his coaching staff — Pat Shurmur is reportedly in as offensive coordinator — Kelly is quickly becoming the face of the franchise. More importantly, it’s a smiling face.

“It’s been fun. It’s talking football, talking philosophies, talking strategies,” said Kelly, of being at the Senior Bowl. “It’s stuff I love to do. To me, that’s not work.”

Kelly met with Mike Vick last Friday and spoke with Nick Foles over the phone. He still hasn’t anointed a starting quarterback, and wouldn’t rule out grabbing a guy in April’s draft. As GM Howie Roseman told everyone last week, this is Kelly’s team and he’ll have every resource at his disposal.

“Jeffrey [Lurie] has always described this organization as coach-centric,” Roseman said. “Getting as many resources as possible for the head coach and supporting the head coach, and that’s the system in which I’ve been raised.”

That doesn’t mean that Kelly would have final say over Roseman on personnel matters. Both men will evaluate the roster in full detail, then work together to make collaborative decisions. It’s a bit of a contrast from Andy Reid, who had final say on everything.

“I term it a funnel system,” Roseman said. “We’re trying to funnel it down based on the characteristics of the players he outlined … It’s going to be a collaborative effort in terms of getting the players here, players that fit his scheme. It’s never going to be a situation where we say these are the players on your roster, go work with them.”

Filling out the coaching staff

Keep up with the latest coaching buzz. The Eagles haven’t confirmed any of these reported moves.

» Pat Shurmur is reportedly the choice for offensive coordinator. He is an Andy Reid disciple.

» Jerry Azzinaro, an assistant with Chip Kelly at Oregon, is the new defensive line coach.

» Giants linebackers coach Jim Herrmann interviewed for the defensive coordinator job, but he took himself out of the running.

» 49ers defensive backs coach Ed Donatell is another name rumored to be in the mix for defensive coordinator.

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