Chip Kelly responds to criticism, defends coaching philosophy

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It’s hard to figure out what to make of Chip Kelly.

Is he a good football coach going through a tough time? Or is he in over his head and destined to return to college?

Earlier this week, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, a leader on the defensive side of the ball and regular defender of Kelly’s unconventional methods, openly criticized the way Kelly and his staff run the team.

He said it was hard for him to be a leader when mistakes are discussed and pointed out in individual positional meetings instead of in a big team meeting. Jenkins said he believes it’s harder to hold players accountable and harder for the team to operate as a cohesive unit when things are not discussed in the open.

Wednesday Kelly defended his philosophy.

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“I think everywhere I’ve been, it’s been done that way,” Kelly said.”It’s all been done in the individual position rooms to the individual position players because it doesn’t help a guy, in this sport, unlike any other sport, it’s very not related. What goes on for an offensive lineman is totally different than what goes on for a defensive back.”

To Kelly, it seems, wasting time (which is limited as an NFL head coach) with redundinciesshould be a criminal offense. His goal each day is to maximize what can be done with each and every hour the team meets.

“Everybody needs instruction and everybody needs help; we all do,” the coach said.”I think the more you can get specific with the individual player, and detail that for the individual player, it’s better.

“I guess I’m not into wasting time. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anybody critique efficiency.”

The Eagles look to avoid their eighth loss against the Patriots at 4:25 Sunday.

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