Chip Kelly takes command as season two begins

Chip Kelly, Eagles coach Chip Kelly hopes to make his second season in command of the Eagles’ sidelines more successful than his first. Credit: Getty Images

Chip Kelly got his feet wet last season. Now, he’s ready to run his camp like a finely tuned machine.

There have been a few weeks of workouts and rookie camps, but the team is finally together with the new NFL season less than 100 days away.

“It’s really the first full time we can go against the defense [this year],” the coach said. “I’m impressed with their attitude and impressed with their work ethic. They understand what we are trying to do. …Being in year two there is a lot more familiarity with them.”

Almost everyone was participating Thursday, including backup quarterback Mark Sanchez, getting his first reps as an Eagle.

“He’s doing everything, he’s not limited at all,” Kelly said of Sanchez, who is looking to bounce back from injury woes in recent years.”

With returning players however, it’s not necessarily about getting familiar with the offense anymore. Now, it’s about being perfect.Instead of just learning how to do things, it’s “really about refining the techniques,” Kelly said.

“We’re just running as many reps as we can so we can get it on tape and teach them.”

Kelly on Malcom Jenkins

“He’s been outstanding. He’s an extremely intelligent football player and that showed from the first time we were out no the field with him. He understand the stress on the corners and what that is. … I know Billy [Davis] is really excited about him out there, it seems like he’s been here for a while.”

Kelly on Nick Foles

“I think the great thing about Nick and what you love about him is he knows he’s never going to arrive. … He’s continuing to improve on the little things. It’s the technical things, the deliberate things we are working on. You can see he has a command of what we’re doing.”

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