Citizens Bank Park preparing for Phils 2012 home opener

There have been changes on the field at Citizens Bank Park due to
injury. There have been changes in the Majestic Clubhouse Store and the
concession stands due to choice.

You might have a Phillies cap and jersey, but does your toddler
sport Phillies diapers? Now, they’ll have the chance to accent their
Phillies outerwear with a new favorite undergarment.

The “pillow pets” have invaded the ballpark. You can have the
Phanatic Pets in mega- or mini-sized. And gardeners will no longer be
ignored. Phillies solar lights and wooden signs are available. The items
range from Phillies stones to garden gnomes. There are also yoga mats,
Phanatic hats and piggy banks.

And then there is the new grub. Food is an obsession for many fans.
How else can you explain those who miss an inning-and-a-half waiting in
line at Ashburn Alley?

Check out the nachos and tacos at section 122, and the chicken pesto
panini sounds like a winner. Get your paninis behind sections 125, 204
and 321. The black bean burgers are topped with guacamole and salsa. The
burgers can be scored behind section 128, 140, 206 and 323.

Harry The K’s, the Phillies’ sit-down restaurant, has expanded its
menu. There are warm federal pretzels, with cheese fondue and beer
mustard. Try the Texas Tommy (wrapped in bacon, topped with chili and
American cheese sauce).

And who can ever get enough fries? There are disco fries (served
with brown gravy, melted mozzarella and bacon), Philly fries (topped
with chopped steak, caramelized onions and cheese sauce) and
salt-and-vinegar fries (togarashi-spiced fries with malt vinegar).

Much has changed in the ballpark, but little will change when it
comes to attendance. The Phillies figure to duplicate their sold-out
2011 season, so the Majestic Clubhouse Store will be packed and the
concession lines will be long once again — but it should be worth the

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