City Council mourns passing of Soul Train host Don Cornelius

City Council showed some soul this afternoon.

Councilman Jim Kenney made a speech recognizing the recent passing of Soul Train host Don Cornelius. “It was one of the most important television shows in history. It promoted racial harmony and got the races together for the first time in history.”

“In addition, it’s the television show where I first learned to dance for real. Don Cornelius, I wish you love, peace and soul.”

Majority whip Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown replied, “I, too, was a fan, entertainer, listener and dancer. As we adjourn, I ask Councilman Kenney to lead us down the aisle in a Soul Train dance line.” The room erupted in laughter, with multiple councilmembers seconding the motion.

Kenney hesitated, saying there was no music. Brown assured him that, as the Soul Train theme song was created in Philadelphia, she would make sure it would be played at the next session.

“The motion has been seconded and passed,” Council President Darrell Clarke said with a grin before ending the meeting.

It is unclear whether there will be a City Council Soul Train dance line next Thursday. But we are definitely holding out hope.

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