City Council: Pre-session rundown

Here is some notable legislation that will be discussed on for final passage at City Council’s 10 a.m. meeting today (click on the numbers for full text of legislation):

120121 – A resolution sponsored by Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. allowing a Council Committee to hold hearings investigating the expired lease between SEPTA and the city, including whether advertising that generates profit for the transportation agency is being posted on property that actually belongs to the city.

120128 – A resolution sponsored by Councilman David Oh authorizing a Council Committee to hold hearings on how to best stimulate the local creative economy and take advantage of global opportunities. Examples Oh gave several weeks ago included looking into the export of products generated by local niche artist communities, such as glass blown at East Fall’s Sherman Mills, and commodities indigenous to the state, like the many types of hardwood grown in Pennsylvania.

120012 – An ordinance sponsored by Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. to boost the city’s Job Creation Tax Credit Program by raising
the amount of the credit from $3,000 to $5,000 for each new job created
during the tax years 2012 and 2013.

120013 – An ordinance, also sponsored by Goode Jr., establishing an “Economic Review Committee” to oversee and enforce adherence to the rules necessary to be eligible for participation in Economic Opportunity Plans.

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