‘City Kids’ Moosh and Twist are growing up fast

Anthony Campusano

Know this about Moosh and Twist: They can play ball.

The guys, both from Philly, recently posted a video on their YouTube channel of their defeat of Hoodie Allen and one of his crew during two-on-two basketball at West Chester University. Moosh was strong on the midrange jumpers, and Twist had some nice moves to the basket.

“We wound up beating them two games in a row, mostly for bragging rights, but they put up a video that made it look like they beat us,” says Twist, aka Oliver Feighan.

“We’re better than them,” says Moosh, aka DeQuincy Coleman-McRae. “We take basketball seriously.”

On the topic of hoops, the sorry state of the Sixers doesn’t lessen their support for the home team.

“We love the Sixers, no matter what,” Twist says. “We’re supposed to do something in the future with them, a little charity basketball for the kids.”

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A teenaged Moosh and Twist hit the scene with 2010’s “City Kids,” a burst of effervescence and street slyness that sampled Journey and was viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube. Since then, it’s been a steady stream of releases, national tours and even a trip to Europe.

“It was pretty sick — it was life-changing,” says Moosh, who notes that a show in Paris was an especially big hit. “People were loving us — it was monumental.”

Now the guys are readying a mixtape release for the new year that will be available on iTunes. They just shot a video for it last week in Toronto and will shoot another one in Los Angeles. Their recent track, “Whoa,” an infectious club banger, indicates the guys’ musical horizons are broadening. They’re not teenagers anymore.

“We can do a plethora of things,” Moosh says. “We’re showing off our skills; we’re crossing genres.”

“We’ve grown up in front of our fans’ eyes,” adds Twist, who like Moosh, is 22. “We were little kids, and now we’re little grown men.”

So expect some grown-folks themes from Moosh and Twist. Before then, it’s a special “Back to the Future” show Wednesday at the Fillmore Philadelphia.

“It’ll be throwbacks and songs we’re doing now,” Twist says. “We’re excited.”

Moosh and Twist play the Foundry at the new Fillmore Philadelphia (29 East Allen St.) Dec. 23 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 at Thefillmorephilly.com.

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