City’s giving out money for jobs

WEST PHILADELPHIA. Every couple weeks, most small business owners sweat it out simply paying their employees. Hoping to keep Philadelphia businesses from cutting workers — and eventually hiring new ones — the city yesterday announced more opportunities for local businesses to expand and lower energy costs by offering $27 million in new federal stimulus money. Here’s three ways to tap into it:

Expansion and new construction: A majority of the new funding, $17.5 million, will go to businesses either looking to expand or renovate current facilities’ sizes or constructing an entirely new building. The projects do have to be “shovel ready,” the city says.

Save energy: If you find ways to decrease your business’ energy consumption or increase its efficiency, you’re eligible for a rebate through the city of up to $10,000. That’s on top of federal rebates also available.

Solve the alternate energy problem: The city is giving out $500,000 to Philadelphia companies developing “promising energy technologies” that provide clean alternatives and increase efficiency.

All funds will be available citywide on a competitive basis. Applications for the money are available now through the city’s Business Services Portal at

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