Claudia Aderotimi: Butt-implants death still open

More than a year after an aspiring hip-hop dancer from Britain died following a botched butt-implant procedure in an airport hotel, investigators still need one key element: a final ruling from the medical examiner.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, flew from England with three friends to undergo the illegal procedure at the Hampton Inn in Southwest Philadelphia, according to police. Aderotimi died at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital on Feb. 7, 2011.

A preliminary medical report indicated that silicone was possibly injected into Aderotimi’s vascular system, causing her heart to stop, but Delaware County Medical Examiner Dr. Frederic Hellman said last week that the results required more testing and were sent to a federal lab.

“The issue is that I did get the initial toxicology results, but the problem is I need to determine whether the silicone is therapeutic grade or industrial grade,” Hellman said, noting that the type of silicone used will determine whether the person who performed the implant operation was criminally negligent. “It’s been five months since we sent things off to the federal lab, and I’ve heard not a thing. Until I have that available, I can’t make a call.”

A spokesperson for the Food and Drug Administration would not comment, citing the open investigation.

Padge Victoria Windslowe, a transgender singer known as Black Madam, allegedly performed the procedure and remains the lone person of interest. In a video posted weeks after Aderotimi’s death, Windslowe insisted she is “not on the run,” but police said she has declined to speak with them through her lawyer.

“We’re kind of a in a holding pattern until the ME rules on it,” said Lt. John Walker, head of Southwest Detectives. “Once he acts, we’re ready to move forward.”

Black Madam post-ops

In a video posted weeks after Aderotimi’s death, Windslowe claimed “my phone is still ringing with girls wanting to come.”

Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives said police are unsure whether she is allegedly still performing the back-alley procedures in the area. And despite her attorney’s claim to police that she would “stay local,” the singer traveled to New York in the fall to shoot a music video, according to a Facebook posting. Windslowe could not be reached for comment.

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