Clinton Cancels Temple Speech: Another Occupy Philly Victory?

Former president Bill Clinton canceled a planned speech at Temple University at the last minute Friday, though about 60 Occupy Philly members still marched to the school in protest of politicians’ silence on issues ranging from corporate greed to LGBT rights.

Representatives for Mayor Michael Nutter and Clinton said the sole reason was the wintry weather, which caused flight delays and cancellations in New York, Atlanta and Philadelphia, and vehemently denied that the protest factored into the decision.

But Occupy Philly cited different motivations. “They canceled this at the last minute when they realized that the only people who showed up, despite the weather, were there to protest the silencing of the 99 percent,” Alan Sable of the Direct Action Working Group said in a statement. “From Cantor to Clinton we’re not going to stop until the corporate money is taken out of politics and politicians listen to the voice of the people; the voice of the 99 percent”

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