Closings today in trial of reclusive hoarder charged with killing common-law wife

Bohdan Chac. Credit: provided Bohdan Chac. Credit: provided

Crime scene photographs taken in May 2012 of the Northeast Philadelphia home on the 3300 block of Fairdale Road where Linda Raudenbush, 57, was shot to death, show a living room filled with piles of boxes, spiral notebooks, TVs, garbage bags, empty plastic Ocean Wave juice containers, soiled sheets, and a Winnie the Pooh pillow.

In the pictures, Bohdan “Bob” Chac, Raudenbush’s common-law husband, sits in a bright green Phillies shirt with an empty expression and speckles of blood on his forehead.

Prosecutors say Chac, who is paralyzed on the left side of his body due to a stroke and requires a wheelchair to move, was in roughly the same location when he pointed a black CZ75 handgun chambered for 9mm Luger bullets at Raudenbush, standing at the bottom of the staircase, and fired three times — one bullet passing through her ribs in her upper left torso, killing her.

The handgun was one of dozens that Chac reportedly owned, including about 15 rifles.

Retired Det. Joseph McDermott, who investigated the case, said that Chac claimed he was asleep and that Raudenbush did it herself, but just stopped talking when asked why Raudenbush’s daughter, who was in the house, said they were arguing and that he shot her.

Trial concluded Thursday and closing arguments are scheduled Friday morning.

Chac called himself “MisterFantasy” on Twitter and Facebook. A self-described artist and entrepreneuer, Chac is believed to have owned and managed websites. Dozens of URLs are listed in his name, including several pornographic websites.

Family members said Chac and Raudenbush, who were together for about 30 years, were reclusive and that Chac was a domineering and abusive.

Raudenbush wrote a diary entry about the abuses she suffered with Chac all over one wall in her bedroom shortly before her death, her brother said.

The motive for the slaying was an unspecified argument, said prosecutor Lorraine Donnelly.

Chac, whose request earlier in the trial to represent himself was denied, was represented by public defenders. They declined to comment on their defense.

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