Coffee in a can


On March 1, La Colombe craft coffee roasters CEO and co-founder of Todd Carmichael introduced the Draft Latte in a can. This new coffee cocktail blends cold-pressed espresso, nutrient-rich milk and only two grams of cane sugar. It’s available for purchase at, as well as in La Colombe cafés in Philadelphia, Manhattan, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

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Not only has Carmichael introduced a new frothy coffee beverage available to go, but he also has patent pending on what sounds like the innovative process of creating a texturized drink in a can. The InnoValve™ can is produced exclusively by Crown Holdings, and Carmichael is crafting a new process for combining coffee and milk.

“The canned version of Draft Latte instantly froths when cracked open, ensuring that the milk froths and combines perfectly with the coffee to create the full, textured mouth feel of a traditional hot latte,” says Carmichael.
Considering this is not the first big thing to come out of Carmichael’s La Colombe Fishtown since its 2014 opening – the Frankford Avenue hotspot has a Coffee Lab, in-house draft latter tap systems and a distillery’s output of coffee-infused Different Drum Rum – Carmichael is on a roll.
“Rittenhouse was our first café, first workshop, our first roasting space, and where we got to figure out who we are,” says Carmichael, comparing his 19thStreet Rittenhouse Square “first child” to his new baby in Fishtown. “Rittenhouse was all about fitting an elevated coffee experience into a denser downtown, whereas the Fishtown café is a place we can stretch out, flex our creativity, and push the envelope a little further. The vibe created by the open space and natural light gives people somewhere to think their big ideas, to talk them over, and to put them into action.”
La Colombe Fishtown’s distillery is where Carmichael began the process of using less sugar in his concoctions. The great thing about Different Drum Rum is also the great thing about the Draft Latte in a can — both have barely any sugar.
“I’m a father of four and I see this awful trend of beverages and foods that are loading our kids and ourselves with sugar,” says Carmichael. “I wanted to make something that I felt good about drinking, something I could serve to my family with confidence, something that’s just plain better for you. Each can only has a pinch of natural cane sugar, and it’s a healthier drink for it.”
La Colombe Draft Latte cans can be purchased online at and at:
La Colombe Fishtown
1335 Frankford Avenue

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