Comcast proves, once again, that the coverup is always worse….


In a week in which Comcast was hoping to change the narrative onit’s legendarily bad customer service, the cable giant has another raw omelette on its face.

WPVItells the story of two customers who were erroneously charged for failing to return cable boxes. Thecharges were erroneousbecause the customers did return the cable boxes.

One couple was on the hook for $600. Another for $200. When the news station got involved, Comcast agreed to refund the money. But they made a peculiar request from one couple. Comcastwanted them to sign a non-disclosure agreement, essentially agreeing not to talk about their problem with Comcast anymore.

This story is making waves.

WPVI notes that it’s consumer watchdog segment, TroubleShooters, gets more complaints about Comcast than any other company.

The station’s report comes in a week when the cable giant announced plans to hire 5,500 new customer service representatives andoffer $20 refunds if technicians are even one minute late. Those initiatives are part of a “customer experience transformation” that Comcast hopes will quell the constant drone of grumbling about the company’s service.

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