Come rain or shine? Occupy Philly hunkers down

Occupy Philly protesters scrambled yesterday evening to make
preparations for the coming rain. 2011 is expected to be the
second-wettest year in Philadelphia history by the week’s end.

Organizers sought donations of tarps and plastic bins to cover food
and medical supplies, umbrellas and ponchos for protesters and palettes
to put under tents.

“It’s about sustainability,” a woman from the food committee said.
“We need to cover the food and other supplies to make sure they don’t go
to waste.”

In the meantime, police presence around the campsite was noticeably increased yesterday.

Police said that their show of force was due to the fact that, after
a long holiday weekend, the mayor and the judiciary were back in City
Hall. “It’s a safety issue,” one officer said. “This is a major
government building.”

The sleep-in has reportedly cost the city $164,000 in police overtime so far.

Ironically, Occupy Philly plans to march today to a nearby Wells
Fargo and present a bill for millions in public dollars spent in swap
agreements that could have gone to the city and school district. They
will also join city property workers’ union 32-BJ in a rally as they
exit City Hall following a resolution hearing at City Council.

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