Committee of Seventy looking for voters forced to cast provisional ballots

Watchdog group Committee of Seventy is looking for voters who were registered, but were forced to cast provisional ballots because their names were not in the poll book.

The group said it received numerous complaints about the issue from voters who were voting at a new polling place. Seventy said it would forward the names of provisional voters to the City Commissioners, who are expected to look into the problem.

A judge denied a request from lawyers for the Obama campaign on Election Day to give polling places more provisional ballots to make sure they did not run out.

In a surprise move Wednesday, the commissioners, who oversee elections, voted to change leadership. Commissioners Al Schmidt and Anthony Clark removed Stephanie Singer as chair and named themselves co-chair, citing the problems this fall.

Those who were forced to vote provisionally because their name was not in the book, or know someone who experienced the issue, are asked to e-mail

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