Concern grows over missing Philly teen

crime tape

Philly Police are looking for a missing Philly teenager who they believe is in danger. 

The teen, Amiyah Freeman, is 14 years old, and she was reported missing on August 10, 2019. 

Last week, on August 24, ABC reported that police reported that family members got a message from the teen’s Instagram account saying that she was being held against her will at an undisclosed location. The direct message also had an image of a car and a license plate.

During the press conference held earlier this week, officials told outlets that “We believe she may be in danger.” They also said it is possible, and she might not be being held by anyone. 

Cops were able to track the car and spoke with the driver. The driver operated a private cab and confirmed that he had picked up Freeman over the weekend.  At this time, the driver has not committed a crime. 

The driver gave her a ride near Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue. Police told outlets that, “He said he gave her a ride for about 10 minutes up to the area of Hunting Park and Fox Street to a Rita’s Water Ice, and that’s the last she was seen.”

Police couldn’t track down surveillance footage in the area and are working to corroborate the driver’s story. 

Additionally, police would not confirm or deny if the teen has a history of issues or running away.

It was reported that she is described as a five-foot-five black female, weighing about 130 pounds. She also has brown hair and brown eyes. NBC reported that she “frequents the areas of Broad and Allegheny Avenue as well as Fox Street and Hunting Park Avenue.”

If you or someone you know, has any information about Amiyah Freeman. Call the Philly police at 215-686-TIPS.

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