Concussion syndrome

Brian Westbrook enjoyed a headache-free week. After one gruesome hit in San Diego, he may never be the same.

“That was a heck of a hit he took,” coach Andy Reid said. “I feel bad for him and it’s something that our doctors will look at and be on top of it right when we get back.”

Westbrook didn’t speak with reporters, but he was walking around the locker room after the game and shared a fist bump with LeSean McCoy.

But a concussion isn’t an ankle injury. It was only a week and a half ago that the NFL came under fire from House Judiciary Committee for its handling of head injuries and for a controversial study of long-term concussion effects it has commissioned.

“Our goal is to make our game as safe as possible for those who choose to play it and treat our retired players with the respect and care they deserve,” commissioner Roger Goodell said.

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