Condoms for Jim Thome

Former Phillies first baseman Jim Thome, one of the classiest and all-around nice guys in baseball, hit his 600th home run Monday night. Right after his 599th dinger.

Thome is such a good guy that even his ex-teammates were elated.

Which makes the fact that an up-and-coming (no pun, well maybe a little bit, intended) condom company rewarded Thome by sending 600 condoms to the Minnesota clubhouse Tuesday.

NuVo mailed the Twins 600 condoms, using the tag line, “You can always hit a home run with NuVo condoms.”

The press release also stated, “NuVo hopes this offering to the team will help keep the Twins players and their partners safe during celebrations!”

NuVo claims to have donated more than 200,000 free condoms so far this year. Last month, they mailed pop star Justin Bieber 365 free rubbers.

They plan to hit stories nationwide in early fall, but can be purchased online right now.

For now … stay protected, Dick …

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