Conestoga football players assaulted teammate on ‘No Gay Thursdays’: DA


Three senior football players at Conestoga High School have been accused of assaulting a freshman player on what was called “No Gay Thursdays.”

The incident in question happened October 15, 2015 when the three players held the victim down and penetrated him anally with a broom handle,ABC Phillyreported.

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The attack however does not count as sexual assault under state law because there was no sexual intercourse, reported.

“This is a simple case about ignorance, violence, and a lack of supervision,” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan explained.

Hogan went on to say that “No Gay Thursdays” were made by the football team “as days on which certain sexual behavior was permissible,” reported.

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“Upperclassmen put their genitals on younger students’ heads and also ground their bodies against their legs. They also forced younger students to strip to their underwear and clean the locker room,” Hogan said. They smacked their fellow students on their behinds and backs hard enough to leave marks.”

All three players, who were 17 years old at the time, have reportedly been charged as as juveniles with assault, unlawful restraint, making terroristic threats and related offenses.

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